Favourite Thing To Do On A Day Off

Favourite thing to do on a day off – 

THING to do on a day off? 

Thing to DO on a day off? 

Thing to do on a day OFF? 

Are you kidding me?

I don’t want to do anything on my day off (that’s if I ever have a day off)! Well, I don’t mean literally just sit my arse on the sofa all day doing nothing, that’d be dull. I mean on my day off, I just want to be off-duty.

A lay in for instance, waking up naturally, not a care for the time. I know the clock will continue ticking but just for one day I’d love a life without a schedule. 

An ideal day off is a day where I can spend the day on my own. It’s not that I don’t love my family or friends, but I am a loner. I find strength in spending time with my own self. I need that time frequently to be alone and to get myself together. 

Reading is also in my list if I get a day off. There are so many books and articles I’d like to read on topics other than Maths but finding the time is always tricky

I can only dream for a day off though. There’s always something happening in my life, I just never seem to stop doing things apart from when I’m asleep so an ideal day off would be a nice change. 

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