Favourite Cold Drink

Herbal tea is my kind of drink, both for hot and cold drink, depends on temperature. When one lives in a tropical country with temperature that can soar up to 32 degrees Celcius during the day and only go down to 24 degrees at night, one would constantly in need for cold drinks. My favourite cold drink, which I haven’t had the pleasure to enjoy for the last seven years, is a green tea bottled drink.

This one tastes nicer when it’s been in the fridge. I’m not sure though if this drink would be my all time favourite as well in the UK. I mean even in the summer it isn’t as hot as what I experienced back home. I can still take hot drink in the summer, English summer. Cold drinks here, in the UK are so full of sugars, I can’t stand them.

This particular cold drink reminds of the time when I was a regular visitor of a local gym back in Jakarta, always had this one after an intense hot yoga session. Those were the days I constantly felt energetic and less tired. Oh well, there is a time for everything under the heaven. Life now is about accepting the change a pregnancy (or two) and motherhood has done to my body. Also accepting there’ll be some foods and drinks I’d probably never enjoy again. 

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