Favourite Actor/Actress

So here we are, the last day in February. Today’s favourite is for favourite Actor/Actress. I have one favourite for each actually and I cannot decide which one I like the most so I’m going to write about both. 

Firstly, my favourite actress, Essie Davis. 

She’s an Australian actress, well known in her role as detective Phryne Fisher in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The setting is 1920s and she plays a role as a lady detective. She wore trousers mostly (on the era where only men wear trousers) but she could also run and fight in her skirt and high heels! She plays a role that promoted women equality in many aspects and I love her for that. The series are very fashionable (those 1920s dresses and blouse and skirts and headwear and bold make up!)

My favourite actor also plays a detective role in one of BBC series, but he played such an arogant and ignorant personality. He is genius but a sociopath. It’s Benedict Cumberbatch

I suppose I like him only because he often plays the geniuses roles, like when he plays Alan Turing in Imitation Game, although it was Sherlock Holmes that give him a big name. I can’t wait to see him in his new TV series. 

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