There IS a Time For Everything

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens – Ecclesiastes 3:1

It’s started to feel like spring here in the UK, although the weather is still with its moody temperature but the cherry trees are blooming nevertheless, always the sign of the weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer too, which make everyday travelling is much bearable especially in the evening (not so dark when I finish work). During the gloomy winter months, I kept telling myself that this season doesn’t last forever, that soon it will be spring when I can kiss my thermals goodbye for at least 9 months and it’ll be soon time to get those pumps and canvas shoes out. 

It is also the season when all sorts of colours suddenly spring up! I love colours! Spring is like a time when the earth wakes up from a long sleep with a big, lovely smiles, in form of many flowers. You’ll notice in the spring, almost wherever you turn, you’ll see colourful front gardens or even on the sides of a public path. Yellow and purple and pink are the dominant colours in the spring. They brighten things up.

The Bible is right, there is a time for everything. Ecclesiaste 3:1 makes more sense since I lived in a four season country. And I perceive things better, that if nature events have timing, so does events in my life. 

Few weeks into my lent period I finally had the courage to make the decision I have been putting off since September. I am taking a break from Uni studying. I raised up my white flag and admitted it that this is time for a break. As someone who is dutiful and always strive to follow the ‘ideal’ plan I’ve made, this break was definitely unplanned. I feel defeated by circumstances. Of course this wasn’t the first time I had to step back but human’s tendency is to forget to learn their lessons. I forgot that my plans are not necessarily God’s plans. I forgot that my timing is not necessarily God’s timing too and at one point I’d break down if I carried on being stubborn.

Earlier this year I gave up teacher training, despite of the high hope and the encouragement from the tutor. It turned out to be for a good reason that God wanted me to give it up. It wasn’t my time yet. Jonathan needed me during the unsettling time of starting school. In fact my family needed me to be the rock while there is a big change in our life. I protested God to begin with, for daring to stop me from what I’ve planned for my future, but later on I was reminded that God already has a future for me and I must trust him. 

I don’t know for now what good will come out of this decision but the Bible says that God works out everything for the good of those who trust in him. He always does what he says and I know this from past experience. He is a faithful God and he keeps his promises. I want to trust him, it’s hard at times when you think you know what is best for yourself but I want to learn to trust him nevertheless.

View of a Cherry tree blooming on a road we pass everyday for school run

Close up of Cherry Tree bloom

Elizabeyt couldn’t help picking up a Camelia off the ground (it fell off its shrub first)

The season that is just perfect for jeans and canvas shoes, two of my favourite clothing items



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