A New Beginning

I’m back! No, I haven’t been on holiday, I wish I was. I was ‘away’ from any form of Social Media contact for more than 40 days. It was hard to begin with, out of habit my hand would constantly pick up the phone to launch any social media app (which of course I’ve uninstalled before because I knew this would happen). After a week or so, I stopped noticing I hadn’t check my social media accounts in the day. And now, the lent is over, I found myself I hadn’t missed them that much that I would reinstall the app right away. 
I have a good 44 days to reflect on many things. One big thing is that I feel different since I’m off Social Media. I strangely feel a sense of freedom, as if I’ve been released from enslavement. I realise how it might sound to you; it is crazy to think social media as a form of enslavement but bear with me for a moment as I expand my thought. As good as the original idea of connecting people online, social media has become the greatest distraction of life. The endless stream of notification for example. It makes one learns to constantly switch from one task to another, gone are days where we have longer focus span. Then there’s constant posts from ‘friends’, which of course there’s nothing wrong with announcing a good news or sharing lovely photos. But for some, it is easy to get into the trap to think that others’ life looks perfect. There’s also online bullying, coward people who hide behind their keyboard whom intention is to prey, to hurt, even to harm others. Not to mention the constant post of ‘selfie’, excessive love to oneself. I’m not talking about photos of holiday or events shared with family and friends, I’m talking of those photos taken in front of a mirror, different face expression, mostly duck face. I mean, come on, I think one profile picture should be enough, and the cover photo. And one last thing I notice on Social Media is the excessive use of filters!!! Nothing and nobody seems to be authentic anymore.
Living life on Social Media has become a world on its own and I am no longer wanting to be part of it. I decide I’m taking back control of what I see and what goes into my mind, with God’s help. In practice, I haven’t reinstalled any social media app to minimise temptation  but whenever I want to check, I can always login through browser. Meanwhile, I’ll definitely keep myself busy, try not to give myself a moment of idleness because the devil will snap the opportunity quickly. I found myself few small projects in the past months that kept me busy and I have a few going on at the moment.
So here I am on Easter day and I’ve had good thinking of the life, my life, that has been redeemed by Jesus and I am forever grateful to Him. A new beginning of my life is starting this Easter. The more I think of his sacrifice on the cross, the more I appreciate life and every single opportunities it offer. My life would be so meaningless without Jesus. I exalt Him as my Lord and my Saviour so it’d make sense if I live my life for a purpose, His purpose. I know it sounds strange, especially in the self-centred world where everyone wants to put their right first, a concept of being lord over is just strange. Even some Christians would admit they believe in Jesus but to give him a full control of their life? Hang on there a minute God! You ain’t have right over my life. It certainly true with me, there are certain areas in my life I always play tug of war with God, it just doesn’t make sense to give Him the credit, my vanity won’t allow it. I’m still learning, no matter how hard it is, to let God being the Master in my life. My life has been redemeed at a cost so I’m no longer living it for my own, I’m living it for Jesus.

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